6th Grade Camp!

I won’t be here from Monday, Oct. 27, to Friday. Why? SIXTH GRADE CAMP!!!

Many of you asked about my icon, the smiling girl. That’s NOT me, that’s a famous actress named Brenda Song from Disney Channel! She’s my second favorite star! (First is Ashley Tisdale)

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    • Snowland202 (notloggedin)
    • October 27th, 2008

    lol, some people didn’t know that? I’d be amazed if that was you. Awesome! We had fifth grade camp last year.

  1. i had fourth grade camp

    • Snowland202 (notloggedin)
    • October 28th, 2008

    Cool. What did you guys do?

  2. dont ask ill tell later

    • Snowland202 (notloggedin)
    • October 31st, 2008

    Ok, what do you mean? You told me not to ask, then told me you would tell me later…. Which makes no sense.

  3. i mean when lavasters back i will tell you

    • Snowland202 (notloggedin)
    • October 31st, 2008

    Ok, cool.

  4. I’m back!

  5. ok heres what we did on my fourth grade camp

    i went swimming,went through a creek,had lunch and dinner,had a sermon at the fire,had campfire songs,and we played fun games in the mess hall dont ask why it was weird it was only two days

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