New, new, NEW!!! LavaSpace!!!!

I’ve just released a kid-friendly version of MySpace; LavaSpace! It’s basically like MySpace, except made for Club Penguin users, people who USED to play CP, and just, well… kids!

Visit it here at:

Yes, I know the header’s a bit messy! But I’ll change it someday!


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    • Belldranit
    • September 16th, 2008

    I made a kid friendly version of MySpace too. It was called BellSpace. It was on Ning too. Although I closed it down…

    • snowland202
    • September 16th, 2008

    Hmm, I don’t feel like joining. Maybe som other time.

  1. lol

    • snowland202
    • September 17th, 2008

    Lavaster, do you like David Cook or Archuleta?

  2. lol…. ive heard of david cook, so i looked him up on google images, then i looked up david archuleta…. no i dont know them, but they were on American Idol (google images backgrounds) but Cook seems better than Archuleta, according to their appearance.

    • snowland202
    • September 19th, 2008

    David Cook has an amazing voice. Archuleta is really short and has an average voice.

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