Did I spell imposter right? Anyways, on Belldranit’s site, burgeradventure.wordpress.com, on the Holy Crud post, Xfadeaway PRETENDED TO BE ME! Pretending to be me, she made a mean comment and EXACTLY ONE MINUTE AFTER THAT, she added ANOTHER comment!!! The second one she was HERSELF! Me and Bell even have PROOF that she did that! IP address AND the time that the comments were typed. Hers was JUST ONE MINUTE AWAY from the fake comment!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?!?! Now onto “My Top Everything” list to delete Xfadeaway’s name from my friends list!

WADDLE ON! (And while your at it, look for a new “Real Life” page coming soon!)

-The REAL Lavaster-

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    • Belldranit
    • September 10th, 2008

    TYPO: burgeradventure.wordpress.com

    • snowland202
    • September 10th, 2008

    You should edit the “coming soon” part.

  1. Oh, yeah, sorry!

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