The Penguin Games/Olympics!

Just click the silver medal at the top of your screen to find out about 3 special events that YOU can participate in!

First, I used to have a BUNCH of viewers who came everyday! Now, nearly everybody’s gone! DON’T LEAVE ME HERE, PEOPLE!!! Just like some other dude, (Wtru on youtube, a VERY good friend on Youtube) I’m NOT quitting ANY TIME AT ALL!

I’ll try my hardest not to quit.

I will e-mail Xfadeaway and all my other “old friends” to ask what’s up.

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    • snowland202
    • August 24th, 2008

    Well, maybe because you hardly post updates.
    I plan on cleaning my site! And I do post updates! I didn’t for one little period of time (like 3 days or less) and then I apologized and updated!

    • Belldranit
    • August 24th, 2008

    im here

    • Xfadeaway
    • August 24th, 2008


    We will keep in touch by email. I promise, we will never forget each other, ok?


    • snowland202
    • August 24th, 2008

    Lavaster, it would help if you posted updates, full guides, and cleaned up your site.

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