Rockhopper, New Play, Blueprints

First off, Rockhopper is here! As usual he brought items! The free item is a pair of brown boots, and here’s what he’s selling:

  • Rockhopper Portrait-1100
  • Wall Net-425
  • Steering Wheel-300
  • Lifeboat-360
  • The secret item is a Life Ring furniture item. Click on the steering wheel to get it.

Note: the Treasure Hunt game is having bugs, but they’re working on fixing it and it will be up and running soon.

There’s a new play at the stage, called “Team Blue’s Rally 2”, but the Switchbox 3000 is missing. The new background for all player is a gym background and costs 60 coins as always. And, if you throw a snowball on the stage, it’s a dodgeball!

I’ll post a guide for the Blueprints later.

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  1. Today my teacher decided to be a butt hole and made my class miserable. All I can say.

    • razpuff
    • August 8th, 2008

    My teacher isnt mean…or should I say my former teacher. I dont go to school…im homeschooled. Im the worst kid in my class, im horrible. That’s why. My teacher thinks im a butt hole. The principal is all like, “GO TO HELL” with me

    • razpuff
    • August 9th, 2008

    heck i know

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