Puffles! World Remodeled and Name has changed+ S.F.S CANCELED

First: Search for Sasha has been canceled, due to space on the site. Sorry!

Puffles! World has been changed to Puffles! and now has Razpuff’s puffle, Greeny, on there. Your puffles can talk to Greeny, too! Yesterday, a saw a girl puffle who was green named Lizzy, and she was on Greeny’s page AND on Puffle Messenger talking to him! She has a major crush on him, I can tell. Let’s hope your girl puffles don’t go crazy over him, too! Fine, they can…
Anyways, Greeny’s not dating any puffle that I know of..


I know her. I hate her. She’s gross!  Get her away from me, no crushes!!!!


Whats Puffles Messenger? P.S. check the CPH page, Lavaster.

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  1. Hey, I’m planning on getting TWO puffles now! Sasha and Jasmine!
    Jasmine WOULD be named Natasha, but I changed my mind.
    Vote 4 Me for Student Council President! 😉 ;D

  2. Yeah, I know, the crushes are weird, aren’t they, Greeny? Dude, one girl named Liliac wants to marry you! That’s TOO weird, right? Especially her name… anyways, she said more gross stuff… whacko!

    She’s whack, man

  3. Puffle Messenger… like AOL chat.. for puffles.

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