Mods needed (Mods= Moderators)


Hey there!

Well, I’m working on another virtual world like Waddlers World, except with humans and stuff. I am NOT revealing the name yet, but I need moderators to help out. You CAN quit your moderating job, but I can also fire you as well if you ruin the game and stuff like that. Please comment below filling this form out. Make sure your comment name is the comment name you always use on my site. Please wait PATIENTLY!! In order to know if you have been selected to be a moderator, I will e-mail you. I will pick ONLY 4-5 moderators. Thanks for listening! Oh, and those people will be trustworthy and responsible.
The game I’m making is on WORDPRESS, (yay!!!) so this will be very easy for me and you! I think I would of picked WordPress to host the game anyway, because Xfadeaway told me that Piczo is kind of like a virus to her. (I believe it was her who said it…)

So here’s the form to fill out! Copy and paste it onto your comment, erase the example answers, and type in your own! It is THAT EASY to apply!

Oh, and if you become a mod but I remove you, NO SECOND CHANCES! If you QUIT, NO SECOND CHANCES because YOU made the choice and were sure of it!

1. What is your comment name?: Lavaster

2. What is your e-mail?: [I am not posting an example because I don’t feel like it, lol]

3. Do you visit the site often AND comment?: Yes, of course! This is my favorite site! [Obviously..! lol]

4. List FIVE COMPLETE REASONS you would like to be selected as moderator.

 a. I enjoy Waddlers World very much!

 b. I feel I am responsible enough to handle any and ALL challenges and assignments

 c. I follow all the rules on this site, and by all, I mean EVERY SINGLE RULE!

 d. I LOVE to help people out, as long as it is a good thing to do!

 e. I know that I will not be paid or anything, and I am very glad to say I accept to take this opportunity and make it a daily/weekly job for me


Okay! I have a few people in mind, but don’t ask if you are one of those people or not! I will choose! Until Then…



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    • snowland202
    • June 28th, 2008

    1. What is your comment name?: Snowland202

    2. What is your e-mail?:

    3. Do you visit the site often AND comment?: Yeah, I visit a lot, and sometimes comment. (sorry about the RS comments, i was just making a point)

    4. List FIVE COMPLETE REASONS you would like to be selected as moderator.

    a. Waddlers World is awesome!

    b. I think I can bring great new ideas to the game.

    c. I’m good with computers/microsoft/paint/photobucket.

    d. I’m responsible and I’m a hard worker.

    e. I love this site and I want to help out.

    • Lavaster
    • June 29th, 2008

    this isnt for waddlers world, because it is on my site… anyways, its for some other thing. Please read the FULL post to know about it!

    • snowland202
    • June 29th, 2008

    i know, i just said that because i like waddlers world and i think this new game will be great too.

    • Lavaster
    • June 29th, 2008

    oh. yeah thats what i meant with my example, too. sorry for making that mistake 😆

    • snowland202
    • June 29th, 2008

    np, i probably should of put that on there.

  1. put what on where? lol

    • francine09
    • July 1st, 2008

    1.francine 09 A.K.A erin n is private it says my name
    3.yes and somtimes
    4. A.i like waddlers world
    B.i want to help my bff
    C.This willl be fun
    D.i love this site too and want to help
    E. i have awesome ideas

    • Lavaster
    • July 1st, 2008

    u said BFF agaaaiinnnn!!!

    • snowland202
    • July 1st, 2008

    whats wrong with her saying bff?

  2. well shes always saying shes a tomboy, but she says that, and it sounds… childish and girlish… PLUS, she reads MAGAZINES… THE GIRLY GIRL ONES!!
    o well… im thinking about this moderator thing, and i dont want her to know what im thinking until i call her or watever.

    to my friend: YOU FINALLY HAVE AN EMAIL?!?!? I thought ur parents didnt let u have 1!!! well u always brag about stuff, but THAT is NOTHING to brag about!!
    i remember when i was saying i first had an email… cuz i never had an email before, so i was telling ppl about it… but cox is better than anything else cuz it has a webpage thingy!!! u can make ur own webpages! Well anywayz, this comment is getting too long… but i like the noise that this keyboard makes! but it isnt mine..
    MY COMPUTER HAS TO BE REFORMATTED! Im not using it tho. but hey! I got 3 other computers, so what the hey!

  3. type type type type! hee hee, this keyboard makes a nice tap noise! 😆 😛

    • francine09
    • July 3rd, 2008

    its the epals one you know that

    • lavaster
    • July 5th, 2008


  4. 1. What is your comment name?: Xfadeaway

    2. What is your e-mail?:

    3. Do you visit the site often AND comment?: Yes

    4. List FIVE COMPLETE REASONS you would like to be selected as moderator.

    a. I check all the updates on Waddlers world

    b. I promise not to break any rules

    c. I will enjoy playing the new game you’re making

    d. I will tell you if I’m on vacation or can’t do my job

    e. I will never, ever, ever, ever quit club penguin or anything else!!

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