I didn’t post this the other day

The new catalog came out 2 days ago, and the secret cheese tie is located where you click on the penguin’s teeth whos holdin the ties. Personally, I prefer… the green tie, black tie, and emote tie.

the viking hat is on the page before the hobos farming clothes.


Waddlers World needs more users! Well, we dont NEED them, but it would be GREAT
if ppl could post some badges or watever on w.w., so we are working on them!
By the time ur reading this, the badges should be available on Waddlers World!

Note: The Night Club Party on Waddlers

World is being extending to Friday, so invite friends to come and make sure they come with money for the party items! The money goes to the night club on cp.



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  1. That’s Katie from Horton Hears a Who!

    • Belldranit (not logged in)
    • September 7th, 2008

    oh yeah i saw that movie it was when she said

    “in my world, everyone’s a unicorn and they poop rainbows!”

    then horton says

    “thats pretty cute…in a strange way”

    then katie makes a strange face and hides into the bushes

  2. I thought it was
    “In my world, everyone’s a unicorn, and they poop rainbows and eat butterflies!”
    “That’s wonderful, Katie! In a strange way…”
    Then Katie does that creepy thing. HAHAHA

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