LOL! EVERYBODY says this about me!!

Ok, I emailed cp some ideas and suggestions for cp. lol

oh heres a video i made you can watch AFTER reading this!

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Thank you very much for taking the time to send us your ideas! I must say that
you are a very creative penguin. I really enjoyed reading your idea regarding
leaving a gift for Rockhopper. I'm sure he would appreciate that!

Although I am unable to guarantee that your ideas will be used, it will
definitely be reviewed and considered. Here at Club Penguin, we always love
hearing from creative penguins such as yourself!

We love receiving suggestions and ideas from our fellow penguins so be sure to
send in any other questions or suggestions.

Kindest regards,

Matt V
Club Penguin Fan Mail
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  1. WOOT! Like last week or the week before, I had 13 thousand something hits. Now look at how much I have!

    • allie4544
    • April 6th, 2008

    i cant even read the whole thing cause its cut off.

  2. i know but it says that im creative

  3. if u put that embedding code on ur post under “Code” the movie will come up on the post (i cant get to it)
    were both on

  4. were both on?
    not anymore though i was just at SeaWorld.

  5. i meant:
    were on both? as in “What is she talking about?”

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