Waddlers World: FAQ

Hey there! Sasha here! I’m gonna explain to you all about W.W., unless you also want to read, “About W.W.”. Anyway, let’s get started! Here’s a question many of you have been asking, so if you aren’t part of Waddlers World, you must follow instructions carefully to meet everybody in Waddle City!

My account wasn’t made! Where is it?

Okay. This is the problem we get a lot. Before you do ANYTHING on Waddlers World, you need to make an account. How? On the main page of Waddlers World, (with the W.W. Blog and those type of subpages) click on MAKE AN ACCOUNT. Then fill in ALL the information, INCLUDING which street you want to live in: Modern Drive, Waddle Street, or Pie Road. But… most penguins choose to live in Pie Road, only a few in Modern Drive, and NONE in Waddle Street. So unless you want to be the only penguin living on a street, I suggest living somewhere else BESIDES Waddle Street.

Newspaper Employment! How?

Read the FIRST issue of The Waddle City Times and go to the end of it. There, you must…

  • Read the Terms of Employment
  • Fill out the form AFTER reading the Terms of Employment

Remember, we WILL find out if you didn’t read the terms of employment, so don’t ask or risk yourself. Not reading Terms of Employment can get you a one-month ban from Waddlers World. 

You aren’t giving me what I want!! Where is it?

Okay, there are MANY explanations for that. Here they are:

  1. You were banned for an amount of time from Waddlers World.
  2. You didn’t fill in the form correctly.
  3. You didn’t fill in the MAKE AN ACCOUNT form correctly.
  4. The developers/mods (Lavaster, Lavaster’s puffles, Pinguin99999) haven’t checked your request yet.
  5. The developers are busy at the moment and working on something else.
  6. Lavaster’s talking to many penguins at a time on meebo.
  7. Lavaster’s, well… um… well, enjoying herself… 😆

Although Lavaster’s on the computer 24/7, do NOT expect to get your orders right away. Sometimes, she is eating at another place or at a relative’s house or even a party. But still, her average everyday life? On the computer. Wow. 😆

Yo, it’s FLIX TIME! Hi, Sasha! Anyway, I’ll do the rest of the FAQ.

Um… The Rare fish, I didn’t get it. Why?

YO! Don’t you even KNOW that the game’s all about luck? Keep trying! (And spending coins on bait.) 

Can I help Waddlers World to end up with lots of users? 

Yes, yes, YESSSSS!!! You can do that by simply adding the main page on your blogroll of any site(s) you own, telling friends and family about us, advertising as much as you can, telling about the benefits of Waddlers World, and even advertising on CLUB PENGUIN!!! Soon you will have many neighbors, it’ll be COOL and exciting, unlocking parties and cool stuff for only advertisers! AWESOME! And it’s simple, right? YES! 


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