April Fool’s Party! I’m first to post about it!

 ANOTHER Update: Coolzone suggested Waddlers World have it’s own newspaper. So I will! BUT… The Lava News will have to go. WHO CARES, THOUGH?!?!? 😀 I MAKE POSTS!!! 😀 So anyway, strong credit to Coolzone and also credit to Sara who first made the newspaper for her puffles’ PC, now closed.

 SUPER UPDATE: Waddlers World has opened to public! But it still has a password to almost everything. The Password will be in blue. 1Lava1 Make Sure you input that password/code right and properly! Thanks!

Update: I might work on something else just like Waddlers World, but different. I may need help from others, though, as it will be on another site… please comment below with suggestions for the name and if I should do it! I have chosen to do it and it will be a little like Waddlers World, a bit of Puffz, (Sara’s) and a bit of this and that. BUT, for sure I will need developers, meaning people I can TRUST and that will help me out there! I just need to know if Snow makes them admins or the rank below that, not sure. Please, do NOT ask to be one or you will not become a developer. Also, I have just chosen right now that it will be with humans… or something else, but I’m pretty sure I want humans.

The pin is at the mines, u gotta solve the puzzle, and my fave place is the…. i forgot! the worst top 3 places? 1. Pizza Place 2. Night Club 3. Pet Shop

The Dojo is the same as last year, and the red propellor

cap is at the

Ski Village in the box! Its upside down! Literally! And the

goofy glasses are at the cove! Go through the forest! Upside down!

Literally! Enjoy! I know I did!POSTED AT 10:47 P.M. PST Thursday, March 27, ’08.


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  1. ok sorry, i just knew there was something wrong in that paragraph, i didnt know wat

  2. i tried the password on each protected page of W.W.

    1lava1 = Wrong
    1lava1 (with a capital at the beginning) = Wrong
    1LAVA1 = Wrong

    What’s wrong with the password?
    The computer stuff requires people who bought a COMPUTER for their home, it can be in their storage box or inside their house. Once you got that, you will be e-mailed a password. Everything else should be 1Lava1. Remember, if these two passwords don’t work on certain pages, they are not part of Waddlers World.

  3. LOL! ya who cares lava news is gone

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