I was first! 😛 Really!! Anyway, prize is a pair of green bunny ears. not two!!! Always bunny ears! And I wont spoil your fun with egg-alerts. But here were the hardest ones:
Ninja egg: You have to catch it!! not saying where, its easy to find it!

The “tuxedo, cane, etc. one”: Found at the Gift shop as a poster. Wow, penguins make bad eggs!

the “Light up underground” egg: Mines (as the lamp)

one is at the pet shop, one is a street lamp in the plaza… not telling u other eggs unless u ask me!

thats all! REPORTED AT: 10:40 PM PST

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    • silvercobra
    • March 26th, 2008

    Hey Lavaster,

    I have a question,what ever happened to the Lava News?
    Oh ya, I totally forgot about that! I still gotta add more, I have enough time to…. I just always forget, thanks to The Sims 2 Seasons making me forget even more! Thanks for reminding me, I gotta work on the next issue.

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