St. Patrick’s Day Party is HERE!!!

ALSO… Somethings that happened today….

  • We had ‘Colonial Day’ at school.
  • Last day of school for my Spring Break! Yay!
  • While playing second round of Four Corners, tripped on my LOOOOONG colonial skirt and scraped my face and two knees and can’t use my left hand/arm all the way up to the elbow.
  • My brother gets to do the chores since I can’t bend my knees, jump, run, or use my left arm! 🙂
  • Got some cool downloads for my Sims 2 game.
  • When I got hurt, went to the nurse’s office, she just gave me an ice pack, so I went home for about 20 minutes or something and went back to school.
  • A nice girl in my class last year made me catch up by doing the activities I didn’t get to do and that I could do.
  • Got the idea of a countdown for Spring Break but the teacher kept us inside school to ask us about what we plan on doing for the break.
  • Instead of countdown, everybody whispered “Spring” and yelled “SPRING! SCHOOL’S OUT!” when we were dismissed.
  • Continued working on a book I am writing. (2nd book of my series. At my school, EVERYBODY wants to read it! Trust me; Come over and I can show you!)
  • Before we were dismissed, a boy named Mariano told the class, “I’m gonna sleep all day!” and some people said, “HIBERNATE!!!” as a joke. The teacher said that he’s better come to school well-rested! Another boy named Johnny said he’d go paintballing every day. My friend and another friend named Jonathan are going to Big Bear, and others told what they’d do. After what Mariano shared with us, I raised my hand and said, “I’m just gonna play my computer all day, sleep all day, and uh… do stuff I don’t know about!”
  • The scrape or whatever its called on my face (next to my left eye, right there!!!) still hurts a little… but my ice pack (not the one from the nurse!) is melted… and the water got warm… hmm… can I drink it? And many people are getting bloody noses, dried up blood in their noses, and coughing and sneezing… is the flu or cold going around or WHAT?


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  1. whats colonial day? lol I MUST KNOW
    Basically they have it at my school, like Rancho Day and Gold Rush Day in Fourth Grade, Colonial Day in fifth grade. You do special activities and see how the people back then lived after everybody in the grade learns about it.

  2. oh ya, and about the bloody noses and coughing and stuff, because of the changing weather that could happen. i get it all the time its part of my allergies i get each winter; which really sucks.
    I’m not allergic to anything. Good luck next Winter!

  3. my arm STILL hurts! And that was yesterday! (Friday.)

  4. its not allergic to something its how ur body reacts to the changing weather… theres different types of allergies

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