Look at this! You should check everything yourself to see where each belongs! 😉

Oh, and…. right now, I don’t know ANYONE NOT on break… (you should know which break! ITS EVERYWHERE! YOU possibly might be having one right NOW!) :O Hm…. nope! Cyclone999 and Star5treak don’t post often, so they obviously don’t count… 😐

Keep the Penguin Spirit! (My sig changed! I sometimes dont use it a lot, though)


P.S. I was working on this for a while… enjoy my story! OOPS! Forgot a cover… anyway, let me bring you… the story of…

The Wacky Blue Day!

By, of course, ME, Lavaster!! 😀 What part is your favorite part?


Click the link above to read  The Wacky Blue Day!

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  1. I like… wait, I WROTE this story! Anyways, comment below to let everybody know which is your fave part of da book!

  2. look at my new post!!!!!! plzzz!!!

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