New, HIDEOUS wigs and new COOOOOOL Clothes!

I would post earlier, but I didn’t feel like it, I guess. Anyways, I have everything except the wigs! (The brown one looks good, though. Black One? AAAAAH!) I have all clothes besides BLUE glasses and those brown slip-ons. I think I’m missing one more thing… o well! SEE YA!

p.s. Waddlers World almost open to public!

p.s.s. WHY IS EVERYBODY GETTING BREAKS? Snow is. Snow is quitting. Emtek is taking a break. Now BELLA is!!! (taking a break.) Whats up with THAT? Is it TAKE-A-LOOONG-BREAK-OR-QUIT Season??? NOOO!!! So I have no sites to look at besides mine. Wow. Well, at least I have fun!! 😀

SUPER UPDATE: Snow949 AND Emtek77 are quitting Club Penguin. Wow. Hopefully Bella03 isn’t, too! If so… TOO MUCH!!!! TOOOO MUCH!!!!

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  1. lavaster i am on a break to this is 4 people on breaks

  2. aaaaahhh! EVERYBODY is taking a break! But when I made this site i promised myself NEVER to take breaks and to be on CP forever!! yes, FOREVER!!! 😀
    Im happy!

  3. Shred is on a break 2

  4. is there a problem? look at my new post.

  5. hey lavaster look at my new post too

  6. *Falls ALMOST dead* WHAT IS GOING ON HERE, PPLS!??!?!??!?!?!?!?!?!??

  7. I’m staying on the internet……………….on my blog and im moving my workshops to so it ISNT about cp but ppl can order cp things

  8. sorry lavaster, but ive wasted my life for a long time. not anymore

  9. yup same here! i dont regret the day i signed up for cp, but i regret the day i decided to make my first site.

    • belldranit
    • March 10th, 2008

    me is quitting cp too

  10. I am not quitting, I’m just taking a break… ahh… What a fresh break for a cup of shampoo. lol cup of shampoo

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