EDIT: To beta testers- I’m not sure if I will release the Puffle Hunters Game out anymore. I am now thinking of doing something else, but I need ideas. Once I get about 5 suggestions for easy-to-make games, I will make a poll and the winning choice is what I will make. I believe I will release the game by parts, each part has only two or one places you can go to… I don’t know, you should read the crossed out.

omg omg… i forgot all about my party!!!!

OKAY, SO IT IS SUNDAY, JAN. 19, at 3:00 p.m. omg……. i almost always forget, lol! (Im forgetful.)


P.S. I dont like the fact i can forget stuff!

P.S.S. Where’s my blogroll? I really wanna show you all another Penguin Awards site like the Penguin Oscar Awards, but it won’t show, and mine is Emmy Awards. here is the link:

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