Our very first meeting is coming soon because we have enough in our troop! But…

SNOWLAND202 has resigned the place of Co-Leader. VIOLA! Who wants to be Co-Leader?

I must trust you and you must apply these Co-Leader Rules:
*Come to most or all of our meetings or you’ll be removed.

*No SPAMMING!!! (I’m watching you!)
*Must be nice to others.

*If you WANT, it is optional to advertise my site… but it increases your chance (tons!) of becoming co-leader.

*It must be okay with you that if you are absent, don’t show up, resigned, or turn up late, that Colonial will take your spot while you are gone.

Right now, our colonial is Eirn N… (a.k.a. Francine09) But I have to remove her since she… can’t do lots of stuff!!!! So…. here’s basically what I need right now…

I NEED A NEW CO-LEADER AND A NEW COLONIAL. If you are already in the army but you now want to be co-leader or colonial, please let me know… and Eirn N, sorry! I can’t let you, and besides, you probably aren’t reading this post anyway. **Whispers ‘lazy & girly girl, that’s Eirn N…’…

Our new co-leader has been chosen- Congrats to Star5Treak for becoming our new co-leader.

Lavaster, who’s mom owes membership but paying with Lavaster’s allowance…

P.S. Why do they call allowance that name?

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  1. I’ll be co-leader

  2. Okay… first I’ll need at least 2 more people to sign up to be co– nevermind, you’re co leader.

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