New Catalog+ 50th pin!

There’s also new wigs! I own the Flatterboy wig, it looks pretty on my penguin. Hey! I got it! I’m not gonna make Lava Letters, I will make Dream Penguins Widgets, though. So anyway, I’m gonna create a subpage on my PICTURES page and it’ll be called, “Your penguins!” You can e-mail me at your penguin’s player card (be sure to use that print screen button!) in one of your favorite penguin’s looks. I’ll post your player card in your chosen outfit, and you can submit more and more! Starting now. If you cannot e-mail me, use a link to your player card(s) by commenting the link below. It must be YOUR penguin!

Gah, I’m going off subject! Anyway, go to and view Emtek77’s post. It should be the wigs/clothes/secret items catalogs. Also, you can vote for Emtek77 to win at some penguin oscar awards wordpress blog. Go to her site to find out how you can vote for her! (I recommend voting for her, it’s worth it.)

The 50th pin is at the boiler room, just in case.

Until then and now,

Lavaster at 11:45 a.m. PST (Exact!  And also, my time  zone IS PST!) Friday, Jan. 4, ’08. Copyright, (C) 2008. All rights reserved. Copyscape CAN find you!

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