New game to come soon… & more news.

 MY MEEBO FINALLY WORKS!!! You are most likely to chat with me because I’m on almost 24/7. more like 12/7… he, he!! Also, I’ve added a new program! Who’s among us widget, but now you can talk to other penguins visiting my site on Club Penguin!

Hope your Christmas was great! If you like, you can go to my Christmas page and comment what presents and gifts, even surprises, you got or gave!
Anyway, I just added a new Club penguin game to my Lava Games page, I think you might like it. BUT, I’m gonna make ANOTHER game very soon once I finish the thing I’m gonna tell you about right now!

Okay, so now I need ideas. Pinguin99999, my brother and an admin here, suggested that I should put another puffle hunting game, only you can explore Club Penguin’s rooms to find them. I’m sure to make that, since I have more skill than before! So… my record of most slides? 74. Or more….

Back to the main subject. I need YOU to help me out! What I mean is, I need suggestions, tips, what to improve from my games so far, and what you didn’t like about my games so far. If you are gonna give reviews or whatever, do it in the Lava Games page, please.. and list the game! Any do, make sure I can make them without coding. I don’t code.

In other news but still speaking of Lava Games, I’m gonna add a better hide and seek game! Wait… nevermind, that’s gonna be combined with the puffle hunting game in the game I will make soon– Club Penguin Games V2.0. I will make at least 5-6 games, less or more, and I will announce the winning games I am sure to do, that I made already in the coming soon Club penguin games V2.0, and the ones I’m still working on or THINK I can do it, etc. But instead of that on a post, I’ll make it ALSO on another subpage on LAVA GAMES!!! It’ll be called, “The Entertainment News”. I’ll work on that subpage whenever a new game is posted by me, announcements, and other stuff always with the same subject: LAVA GAMES, of course!

If I do announce that your suggestion or tip(s) was (were) used, I’ll give you credit on my announcements, credits in the game, and on the supporters page I’ll input in the game, too! Sounds exciting? That’s not all!

Please suggest games, ideas, and tips ONLY here. And do NOT comment about game reviews, what you like, etc. You can post that other stuff on my Lava Games page. Thank you! Comments made here will be edited or will be put into the Lava Games section… but if I am to put it there, I WILL EDIT YOUR COMMENT BECAUSE YOU MADE ME PUT IT THERE. Thank you for your cooperation and those participating!
And last but not least, if you suggest a game or a couple of tips or one tip at least, and I use that idea or whatever and you have a blog about Club Penguin and you don’t hack, I’ll put you on my blogroll!**


Here’s the other news about my site.

I’m gonna be making ‘dream penguins’, like Krimzin’s, only he quit doing that stuff. So I will take it under my flipper, (I said FLIPPER!!) and I will take in your dream penguin orders! I will put any clothing onto your penguin that I can put on, and I will edit your orders or reply to your e-mails with the order(s), and I will let you know what I couldn’t put on the penguin. I will pay you back this way– I won’t advertise my site here!!! But here’s how Dream Penguins will work. You must have a blog that supports text widgets, or a wordpress blog with still a couple of text widgets left to use. I’ll finish your penguin, give you the code, and you paste the code into your text widget. Save your changes, and view your site/blog. You should now see your dream penguin there!!!
If I can put in all the items you asked for, I’ll advertise my site but instead of it very big, I’ll make it a little visible by putting it in either your background, clothing, pin(s), penguin, or if you ask/offer, in pitch sight! It’ll just be a link to my site with a (C) there, and in the bottom right hand corner of the dream penguin player card, in my smallest font size and best readable font, I’ll put MADE BY LAVASTER (C). Thank you!

“I know what is up.”
“Copy me, I report you. Copy me, I can copy you back.”

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  2. yes, only the dream penguins are gonna be widgets.

  3. Okie dokie!

    • Snowland202
    • January 2nd, 2008

    hey lavaster, I saw your book on emtek’s site. thanks for putting me on it!

  4. oh your welcome

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