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COMING SOON: Lava Letters

It will be a page where you e-mail me, and I post your letter and reply back to you. I will also add a Newster section where I make newsletters and post ’em there. But..

All that stuff is coming soon!!!! And on my newsletters, I will fix them up to not be copied as much or at all. Remember..

Copying is against the law!

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  1. Hope you guys will like it!
    P.S. to new comers: IM NOT A BOY!!!!!

  2. :O :O :O awesome!!!!!! Who thinks ur a boy??? I think Lavaster is a girl name. You should have seen me, everybody said hey dude and wazzup like all that guy stuff. Know why? Emtek is a hardware store. *sob* oh well.

    • Lavaster (logged in)
    • December 23rd, 2007

    lol i didnt know that! lol NEW CHRISTMAS PARTY– WOOO!

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