Eirn N’s Asthma Attack

Eirn N is my friend at school (Eirn N is NOT her name) and I helped her out 3 quarters, and in the nurse’s office, a nurse wasn’t there. So a sixth grader told somebody who worked at the office (attached to the nurse’s office) and so that Sixth Grader helped out one quarter of the HELPING PIE. lol

but im glad that attack didn’t get worse! (And hopefully it didnt. Her inhaler wasnt there and she went home early.)

i also have asthma but only when im VERY VERY sick and its REALLY mild.

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  1. hey lavaster be shure to check out my brand new army!
    oh and plz change your theme it looks VERY messed up

  2. la la after Jan. 1 or on that day I am gonna change the theme back to regulus… or after Christmas Day…

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