The 2nd Anniversary!one day only so if ure grounded then boo hoo

Isn’t THAT cool or what?! Party hats upstairs, and somebody threw up on the cake… for some reason, i dont think it was a glitch and it only happened for 5 minutes… im gonna show the pic on the next post…. weird everybodys all like, “WHAT THE??! EWW!” And then after 5 minutes we all lost connection (at 10:15 p.m.) and when we all logged back on, the puke was gone! :O Where’d it go??? Guesses below, plz! UPDATE: I forgot to mention that the puke didn’t really look a lot like puke… more like goo or something! and it seemed like it was edited on paint!!! Hmmm strange did Billybob update it on paint and add it? Because before we all lost connection, somebody yelled, “I THINK BILLYBOB DID THAT MESS!”. so ya

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  1. weird weird weird but……..YOU EDITED IT!!!!! there is something strange going on with the penguin near the door!!!

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