Huge Wildfire hits California, and other non involved w/ cp news.

started as 2 fires- today, TEN (10) FIRES!!! As many of you mostly know, the fire that was in Ramona, well, the wind blew the ashes to my school, and evacuating the students was optional. WE WERE IN DA MIDDLE OF WATCHING WALLACE AND GROMIT AND THAT RABBIT MOVIE!!!! Anyways, i didnt like it.

so… i live in Otay Ranch, near the lake, and my school is on Hunte Parkway, in san diego, california, so…. the fire is the only thing on the news! nothing else happened frequently…. ha! robbers cant rob no more

So, GREAT NEWS!!! TOMORROW I HAVE NO SCHOOL, SO I WILL INFORM YOU GUYS AT TEN BOUT CP!!!! šŸ˜€ So anyways, if you heard about my fire, (which turned into ten fires in just 24 hours.. thats one day!) you can comment below telling true stories.

Also, i had a couple nightmares last night…. do you know Silvia (or Sylvia) Brown from the Montel Show? Well, she was in my dream!!! And i asked her a question, then the next day (IN MY DREAM) she wasnt at her front desk i rang the doorbell and she automattically (seemed like she was right behind a wall waiting!) FLOATED over behind the desk. And she was purple!!!! She said, “Yes? Any questions?” and I asked her, “ARe you okay?!!!!??!?!” And she looked into space, still purple, saying, “Yes.” In a really weird way…. like an alien or something! So then, I stood there, and screamed, “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” And my friends chased after me, and I ran away/ then the next day next thing you know ur at the cememtary on a sunny day, watching beyond the fence, a funeral for Silvia. (Or Sylvia Brown.) It was creepy. if u didnt experience it in a creepy way, u sure would if you had the dream!!! I was wondering if Silvia (or Sylvia) had the same dream as me. id think so, but did YOU have a similar dream? If so, tell me below…. ’cause what if our dreams were the same?! WAS THAT A MESSAGE FOR ME OR JUST A NIGHTMARE? I forgot to pray that night but my other dreams were kinda funny bt u wont understand cause it has everybody in my class in it.

so anyways….

LETS CHAT HERE TELLING OUR OWN STORIES MAYBE INVOLVING… burglaries, almost got kidnapped, wildfire, (Like me!) nightmare, silly dream, or just sumthin else! PLZ, DONT MAKE IT SCARY OR YOUR COMMENT WILL BE RECONIZED AS SPAM, AND YOU WILL BE BLOCKED FROM THIS POST. Thank you!


p.s. will i ever reveal myself? Maybe not!

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