Intresting discovery—I FOUND OUT HEAD OF PSA! If anybody else posts this on their site, THEY COPIED! report them

yea, if someone said wat i said, too, GODX DOESNT COUNT!!!
report them to me

OKAY, THE HEAD OF THE PSA IS ___________. Want proof? Both me and GODX found this out. credit to him. go to his site. (Which doesnt get updated THAT much anymore.)

Okay, its a blank- to know who the head is, (NO ITS NOT G, NOR ANY MODS!) just e-mail me, or comment below so i can-

OH FINE! heres the answer u want badly:

Aunt Artic owns it!
WHen I first figured out, im all like, “AUNT ARTIC OWNS IT?! But… but…. oh my gosh, its TRUE!” and i checked.

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  1. COPYRIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!
    i will ask wordpress to be on the look out for copyrighters.
    they see all ur posts

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