glich-club-penguin.jpgThis is Pinguin99999, reporting a new glich.STEP 1: You go to the book room Step 2: go to the left side of the Chat bar. Step 3: click the stairs and quickly go to the book menu and chose the Rockhopper book and quicly go to the page with the bracelt click on it and click yes.Step 4: wait till ur penguin goes to the coffee shop. if u did this right the bracelet should be on the screen

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    • fender159
    • October 9th, 2007

    PINGUIN 99999 NOT FAIR I TOLD U THAT GLITCH.ITS FALSE I TOLD HIM THAT GLITCH.ITS MINE!!!!!!!.DONT TAKE ALL THE CREDIT!!!!! (oh unfortunatley,for u,THE STEPS R WRONG,and im not telling u how the steps r)

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