ALERT: CP has shorten his coming from two months to one. LOOK HE IS VERY CLOSE! Hopefully if you haven’t so, you must find Rockhopper! (Or he must find you!) Camping and sport shop events coming later, check cp news. 😉
SITE INFO/ UPDATES: We will have our very own newspaper soon, AND pixel penguins! I bet (hopefully) Pixel Penguins will come out next week!!! (As assigned and planned.) Also, as for the newspaper, it may come either this week, next week, or later in September. There is a rumor going around (that I made) saying that it will come out this week! 😀 So be on the look out!
Aye, aye, Mateys!

~~Lavaster, one of ye favorite penguins!
(Well, I know you have other favorite people, too! Especially Chewit. :D)

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    • blobpurple
    • August 27th, 2007

    he did find me i was on the server snow cone trying to make the clock go faster and he just waddled in and then came the penguins 😆 i got the background WOOHOO

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