Lavaster’s hospital- open!

Lavaster’s hospital 

Yo, yo, yo, peoples!
Since me and my bro are members now, (Pinguin99999 is my bro) we have decorated our igloos. Mine is an all-tricked out hospital, and my bro’s igloo is, well, uh…. let’s just say, you’ll only see 3 puffles, a Dj table, concert lights, and a microphone for the DJ player. 😆 this is true! Oh, and also, if you see Theorangeboy, he is my buddy, but… HE COPIED MY HOSPITAL!!!! You can come when I’m on Club Penguin. My hospital will be opened. There is a neat picture of my hospital. If LLUVBSS or Jessicar2 says it’s their igloo, report them right away for lying. Thank you!

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  1. sorry the words are blurry…. wordpress made them blurry on purpose. I am talking, waving my flipper, saying, “Welcome to Lavasters Hospital!” It’s a dumb idea that Club Penguin won’t let you put ‘s on your chat text.

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