Pixel Penguins

I’m currently working on something big called “Pixel Penguins”. It’s like Holagurrl25’s pixel penguins program, only with mine, its hipper and more funny! So join today by e-mailing me at camlop@cox.net or meet me at cp OR reply asking to join! Everybody has to wait until pixel bunnies opens, of course. In the mean time, tell every kid you know about this site, ok?! It’ll be COOL!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, wanna be an editor of this site? The code will be FAME or EDIT or EDITOR, so choose wisely! You have unlimited chances. Oh yeah, I think I’ll change this page. This page (or post) will be deleted later today.

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  1. Actually, I changed it to Pixel Penguins (yay! That’s a good thing, you know!!) and you can NOW OFFICIALLY e-mail cphelper@hotmail.com! Also, you can donate member penguins and OLD non-member penguins to charity. I give them to kids who don’t have penguins. Don’t trust me? Who are you going to trust now?

    • sambirdo
    • June 21st, 2007

    hey lavaster,
    im a big fan of yours!!
    wanna meet on clubpenguin sometime?
    i’d love to join pixel penguins!!
    Lavaster’s comment: Sure, we can meet some time! We need to make the schedule first, though. Thank you for visiting my site! I’ll give you more information about Pixel Penguins on the next comment, okay? The next comment is mine. Like I said, thanks for visiting! Man, I need more visitors! lol

  2. Pixel Penguins is safe, fun, and hard work for me, but I love making them! They look waaaaay different from Holagurrl25’s, but still, they look cool with different styles!!! I’ll work on the “pixel penguins” catalogue, and also, Pixel Penguins are….
    FREE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s a good thing to know!!! Also, spread the news about this blog!! I need your help to spread the news!!

  3. Hmmm… I think I will change it to ‘Lavaster’ Shop’.

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