CP tips you need

Okay, this may sound boring, but one thing- YOU NEED A BACK UP PENGUIN! Once you have made a back up penguin share the penguin’s name and password. DON NOT MAKE IT A MEMBER. If it is, wait until membership expires. If you can’t, you need another back up. Today I couldn’t acess Club Penguin OR the internet. I couldn’t even get Dylan Sprouse or Hannah Montana to go on. Why? Because their e-mails didn’t work, AND their internet also broke down!! Somehthing about a “chache”. Any helpful tips? Please reply. Also, They MIGHT be on Mammoth or Big foot tomorrow. Depends is the computers work. Anyway, list your back up penguin names and passwords as replies because some kids don’t want Club Penguin to give e-mails to their parents, and they might not have an e-mail of their own. I suggest cox and outlook express. So far, Yahoo ain’t working out for me. I have cox and out look express. Also, NOBODY should be mean while being a back up penguin, or another penguin might ban you.

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