You guys didn’t think I completely left this blog, did you?

Looking back to when I first started this blog, I was like any n00b. But with time (a LOT of it) I managed to reach the acceptable milestone of 50,000 viewers. All gone to waste, I guess, since later I quit. I’d grown out of Club Penguin, just like 90% of all of us will. I always thought, “I’ll be the CP blogger that never quits CP and keeps blogging!” and I even said I’d never quit. Now I know, of course, that that was all a lie.

I think I’m going to just make a personal website. I won’t reveal my name but it sure will reveal my personal life. Let’s just hope I remember to update it often… The link is soon to be released on my YouTube account.

I’m pretty sure nobody’s reading this, except maybe one of my online friends that I met on Club Penguin a while ago. (If she’s reading this, she should know I’m talking about her! Yes, you, Ora!) That’s what happens when you quit a blog… barely anyone sticks around to see if you make anything of it. I’m sure that if I were more popular and “famous,” I may have stayed with this blog…

I *might* be making a Club Penguin fame guide, although I once was making one now I have to start from scratch since I no longer have the original file. IF and once I do release it, it’ll be for a price. The only discount will be for my old online friends, and they’ll have to pay the price of awesome FREE-ness! (In other words [for noobs], it’ll be free to them.)

Just felt like updating the site and letting you guys know everything!


Can Osama Bin Laden die already?!?!?!

EPF: Recruiting!

PS: Im dressed like that for a reason.

Just me dancing. 🙂

The test is super easy. I beat the cage one in 2 seconds; doesn’t take a genius to know how, it was so easy a ROCK could do it. Seriously. Before the cage was even DONE I knew what to do by myself.

Also, I’ll be making a CP movie soon…

New HQ being built!

So… it looks like the PSA won’t be gone for good!


COOLIO YouTube Background + A cool “surprise” for some

YouTube Background

I finally have a cool background! Here it is!

I made it in less than 5 minutes including testing it out on YouTube. If you want a background like that, lemme know! I WILL put my watermark on it, though, and you are not to remove the watermark… well, not like you can if you can’t make a background like this. If you want a background like this, you’ll have to SOLEMNLY SWEAR you will not take credit for it and if someone asks, you’ll say that I, Lavaster, made it. That’s it, really.

“Surprise” for some

I opened a new site for Club Penguin-inspired missions. It’s not PSA/EPF Missions, but my own! Check it out!

I am expecting to start creating the first mission next week.


-Create Club Penguin video

-Make more CP videos/movies/films

-Make first mission

The mission may or may not include SOME pictures… probably not, unless the mission calls for some.



New CP Mission!

And just so you know, I’ll be posting when I feel like it, not when I feel compelled to 🙂

Club Penguin Mission Update: The mission’s ending explains so much and is totally dramatic! I love dramatic endings! Anyways, the puzzles were confusing but then I figured it out. Google search walkthroughs; not the YouTube vids, but the ones on blogs.

Important Site Update: I am likely going to create another site JUST for “missions” like the LSA missions, Creamfan1’s missions, and more! People will also be able to submit their own IDEAS for missions, and I’ll take my pick for a new mission.

I am taking ideas now, if you want to submit now!


Closing down site?

I’m serious! CP is still cool, I like blogging, you all rock… Actually, nothing’s wrong. I just like playing MW2 so much I don’t think I can post again. Sorry, everyone! But I won’t delete the site, I’ll keep this site open cuz even if I COULD delete it (WordPress refuses to delete any of my spare trash sites) I wouldn’t. So yeah, you can do whatever you want here as long as it isn’t illegal or rude.

Herbert’s Revenge video game coming out soon!

I say this because they’ve come out with a preview of the game! Check it out!
Agent Sneak Peek.jpg

So, IF you have a DS, are you gonna buy the game? Try the game? What? And what ideas do you have that would make the game super cool?

Also, apparently, the island will be undergoing some major changes, so let’s look forward to that! I hope it’s not changing only on the DS game!


Postponing the reopening of PixPeng City

Due to school and other events because summer is rapidly approaching us, I have to unfortunately postpone PixPeng City. Thanks for waiting!


Medieval Party on Club Penguin!

The annual (I believe it’s annual) Medieval Party on Club Penguin!

Of course, the town’s shops are decorated and have more medieval names.

In other words, the party isn’t too different than last time.